SP-202 “ Nightcircuitry “ CD





SP-202 is analog-based electronic dance music for people who don’t dance. Think Kraftwerk’s ” Computer World “, the intro to The Who’s ” Baba O’ Riley “, Donna Summer’s ” I Feel Love “, mixed with Jamaican Dub, Miami Bass, Afrika Bambaataa, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, and ambient music. It’s truly a journey into city nightlife, druggy debauchery, and redemption.

SP-202 “ Nightcircuitry “ TRACK LISTING :

  1. Nightcircuitry
  2. Rockin Rockin Beats
  3. Happy Rollercoaster
  4. Nurse Ratched
  5. Rock’M P.M.
  6. 10-56
  7. Someone’s Following Me
  8. The Party’s Almost Over
  9. Twilight Descension

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