DJ Fucar ” Sleep Music ” CD




” Sleep Music “, the debut release by DJ Fucar, is a collection of fat Detroit breakbeats dripping with chilled-out electro with a smack of drum n’ bass mixed with early 80’s new wave.

The opening song, ” Galactic Kiss ” starts with the mysterious spoken words ” If you don’t close the door, you can’t open the door.. ” and takes you on a journey of bliss, beats, and beeps…setting the stage for an hour-long electronic genre-jumping ride that ends with one of the greatest late-night driving songs ever written, ” Separate Ways ” ( a forgotten 1980’s movie soundtrack song if there ever was one. ) ” Sleep Music ” is the perfect album for late night chill-out sessions, pumping loud on your car stereo, or lulling yourself to an after-clubbing slumber.

  1. Galactic Kiss
  2. Big Dumb Head
  3. Blue Box
  4. Tulip
  5. Just A Girl
  6. For The Money
  7. Yellow, Black
  8. Shuto
  9. Believer Receiver
  10. Separate Ways

Price is $8.99 with FREE shipping and FREE Davies Productions sticker.

Listen to the song, ” Tulip ” from the Soundcloud link below.