BEAVER SHOOT ” Rap Music Sucks “ CD




” Rap Music Sucks ” is the brand-new album by the legendary originator of porno-punk rap from Detroit, BEAVER SHOOT. It’s the most raw and in-your-face production ever for the original Motor City white rapper, and was recorded and mixed on a vintage Fostex 250 four-track cassette machine – using absolutely NO computers whatsoever. No digital editing, no computer screens, on cassette tape and with only four tracks…totally OLD SCHOOL! 11 new songs ranging from Roland 808-kick fueled garage rap, distorted punk rock guitars, and some of the most hilariously offensive lyrics ever recorded.

Track listing :

  1. Kill That Pussy
  2. Liquor, Guns, Bacon, and Tits
  3. Dirty Old Man
  4. ( I Like ) Beer, Boobs, and Burgers
  5. I’m Gonna Cum on your Tits
  6. Fight & Fuck & Drink & Puke
  7. Male Feminist
  8. That’s A Woman’s Job
  9. I Wanna Bang Your Sister
  10. The Dick of Death
  11. That’s Just The Kinda Guys We Are

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